1. Provenance

Henri Rouart,  1888 (from the artist)

Baron Denys Cochin, 1912

M. Reuther, 1915

E. Suemondt, 1921

Moris Levy, 1923

Henry Levy, by descent

Davis and Levy Art, by descent

Mr. Ronald Davis states that the work has been in his family since 1923 (see attachment 1.1). This single family ownership for such a long period would appear to be relatively rare and also one reason that the work has not been previously documented.

The provenance as noted prior to the Levy family ownership is entirely plausible. Henri Rouart was an amateur painter, a large collector and benefactor of the impressionists (a great friend of Degas) and probably would have been known to Morisot. Morisot's daughter (Julie Manet,) married Rouart's son after Morisot's death. Henri Rouart died in 1912. His collection was the subject of a well documented auction. Over 500 works were catalogued and auctioned in two sessions including two by Morisot: "sur la terrasse" and "femme et enfant au bord de la mer". If this provenance is correct this work could have been sold privately by Rouart, prior to his death to Baron Denys Cochin or Denys Cochin acquired  the work in the Rouart sale of 1912  because the lesser works were not photographed or catalogued (see expert opinion below).


Cochin, was a well known collector and politician. (After his death in 1919, 20 works were sold at Burnheim Durand Rueil). He had previously acquired some Morisot works:


"La Vue du Bois de Boulogne" for 700 FF in 1892 at the Boussod and Valadon sale (Denis Rouart at note 162, but Cochin is spelt incorrectly). Catalogue Raisonne P69.

"L'ile a bois de Boulogne", purchased in 1889, CR # 248.


Suermondt and Ruether are unknowns, but the curator at the Suermondt museum in Aachen (founded in 1887 based on the collection of Barthold Suermondt) states that some descendants did purchase art.


The provenance testified to by Mr. R. Davis states that Mr. Morris Levy purchased the work in 1922 and on his death it was bequeathed to his son, Mr. Harold Levy. That Mr Morris and Harold Levy lived and New Orleans has been independently verified (see attachment 1.2, a copy of the Social Security application filed by Mr. Harold Levy in 1936.)


Expert comments:


Mr. Yves Rouart stated that there is no record in the family archives of this work in the collection of Mr. Henri Rouart but he also indicated that he would review family archives and records, with a particular focus on old photographs, at some future point.


Also, Mr. Rouart stated that not all the works sold in the famous Rouart sale of 1912 were catalogued. “The lesser works were not photographed or catalogued.” This provides entirely plausible support for the Davis and Levy provenance.