Introduction (English)

This document is the result of several years of research concerning a painting measuring approximately 13 by 18 inches and signed :"Berthe Morisot".

The research indicates that the work is the long lost first Salon entry of Morisot's entitled "Souvenir des Bords de L'Oise".  This work was painted in 1863 when Morisot was learning her craft at the age of 22, and was exhibited at the Salon des Beaux Arts in 1864.

The conclusive evidence for this attribution is contained in this report which is organized  by the following sections:

+  Provenance

+  The Paint Site

+  Style and description

+  The Signature

+  Treatment Report

+  Conclusions and a hypothesis

+  Bibliography and Experts


Several people have been instrumental in assisting this research. In particular, I would like to thank Mr. Yves Rouart and Madame Delphine Montalant for the courtesy of their valuable time in assessing the painting at the Gallery of Hopkins Custot. Also, Professor Anne Higgonet provided an observation that in retrospect proved illuminating. At the same time she was not discouraging for which I thank her. Teri Hensick guided my initial scientific research and Gilles Perrault provided valuable insight into the context of the Salon des Beaux Arts in the 19th. Century, which proved to be of significant help.

Finally, many other people answered my requests for information, even if they proved to  be dead ends. For example, Madame Sylvie Patin (conservateur en chef au Musée D’Orsay) had Morisot paintings in the D’Orsay collection evaluated for canvas stamps  while Mrs. Schoneman did the same for her Morisot painting: “Etude”. I thank them all.

Chris Bale


January 2, 2006


tel: USA 508-748-0159